James Strickland

Husband, father of three, veteran, business owner, community leader/ volunteer, world class powerlifter

Placed 3rd

in his group

We would like to thank you for supporting James Strickland in this year's competition. Your support enables our company to continue to contribute to Homes for Wounded Warriors and make a difference in the lives of disabled veterans and their families.


What first fueled your passion for fitness?

As a lifelong competitive swimmer, football player (NFL tryout in 2010), I learned many of life's lessons in the pool and on the field. The most recent chapter being a world class powerlifter, I have always found success in life and athletics, and strive to help others do so as well. As a U.S. Navy Veteran, I value our country's freedom and people's ability to think freely and use one's own successful mindset to create success for themselves and those around them.

What words or mantra do you live by?

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

If you win, what will you do with the $20,000?

Invest it back into helping people become the best version of themselves.