Nicholas Natt

disciplined committed hard working aesthetic shapely dedicated inspiring entrepreneurial driven consistent motivating

Placed 2nd

in his group

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What first fueled your passion for fitness?

My father was a professional basketball player in the NBA. Growing up, I wanted to be just like him. Pushing myself in sports and learning about my body has definitely been the catalyst that initiated my spark to become a health and fitness enthusiast. As a result, career, passion and purpose are emulsified in this industry.

What words or mantra do you live by?

There is no limits EXCEPT the ones you are willing to accept for your life. Take ownership OVER EVERYTHING. Doing so will empower you to change for the better. Greatness is built, NOT given!!

If you win, what will you do with the $20,000?

I will use that money to . . . - Tithe 10% to my church or a philanthropy to help hungry people. - Invest in my mutual fund portfolio - Treat my family and GF to a vacation - Use some of the resources to create a new campaign for another online product to my NattFitness Website.