Nick Dent

Forever Fitness, my supplement cabinet is bigger then my refrigerator! I have things in there literally from stars for life twice as long!

Placed 5th

in his group

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What first fueled your passion for fitness?

For me it was watching 1977 Pumping Iron where Lou Ferrigno and his Father were in NY training in small dark gyms with tiny guys around. And Arnold Schwarzenegger was over on the west coast with beautiful ladies and lots of big friends enjoying life. Funny story as a kid around 10 years old, I used to cry when my Dad made me work out with weights or jog around our low income apartment complex. But as the years went by and I saw movies like “Terminator” and “Last Action Hero&am

What words or mantra do you live by?

“Your body works on a use it or loose it principle. That goes for your muscles and your brain, so go to bed smarter and stronger than when you woke up.” -Nick Dent

If you win, what will you do with the $20,000?

I would use all the 20,000 to film a movie where I am a Action hero just like Around Schwarzenegger and allow my dreams since knowing about Action movies, Arnold, and Healthy muscles to come full circle. The latest movie I have been writing is now just in need of some funds to start filming. It’s all planned out and the vision is ready. The opening scene will be awesome, the location is cool and fun, the twists in the story will throw you for a loop!