Gert Louw (South Africa)

At 58 years of age, my primary goal is to redesign this body into a chiseled, muscled physique, breaking the misconceptions about age.

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What first fueled your passion for fitness?

Following a significant health incident at the age of 40, I embarked on a transformative path towards fitness and overall well-being. Initially, I made considerable strides, but it was at the age of 52 that I faced a perilous brush with mortality. This near-death experience profoundly reinforced my appreciation for life and ignited an unwavering determination to achieve my aspirations. At 58 years old (turning 59 in August), I proudly display the most optimal physical condition of my life.

What words or mantra do you live by?

"TRUE transformation extends beyond the body, encompassing the entire self. It materializes dreams, fosters care for others, appreciates newfound beauty, embraces life's joys, seeks reconciliation with God, and embraces a life WORTH LIVING! That is my purpose and that is what I stand for." - Gert Louw

If you win, what will you do with the $20,000?

After tax deductions, around $12,000 is left for distribution: $3,000 for local rehab program, ONEWAY SOBER LIVING; $1,400 for a new cellphone; $4,000 for YouTube channel video equipment upgrade; $2,600 saved for emergencies; $1,000 for a follower appreciation lucky draw on my YouTube channel (@GertLouw).

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