Jonathan Dade, a black rabbi, author, endurance cyclist, and veteran who OVERCAME racial prejudices, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide.

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What first fueled your passion for fitness?

In the third grade, I had the goal of becoming a neurosurgeon like Dr. Benjamin Carson, and becoming a Navy SEAL... I realize now those two professions are drastically different but it started me down a path of ditching children's vitamins for adult ones, jogging around my neighborhood block before sunrise, becoming a four year varsity athlete, spending a year in medical school, and becoming a warfare officer in the united states navy.

What words or mantra do you live by?

Never give up the ship. Discover who you are, to include your faith, and then proudly wear it. Fully commit to the future and discard the past. If going back is an option, you will retreat when the going gets tough. Avoid becoming one of the 25–33 percent of people who fail with New Year’s resolutions in January or the 90 percent who fail to maintain commitments for the balance of the year. Have SMART goals, find a community, and make your habits part of your lifestyle

If you win, what will you do with the $20,000?

After donating $2000 to a synagogue, I am going to purchase my adopted daughter Karissa (11), adopted son Tristen (10), and myself matching, carbon framed endurance road bicycles. We have memories of cheering me on during multi-day rides with veteran service organizations from Houston to Dallas, pictures of me towing them in a bike trailer to school, and days riding together to our downtown square. Karissa and Tristen have custom "kits" that match their dad... their bikes should too!

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